About Jules Sade Tribute

Around somewhere in 2008, Jules was working with her husband Kevin Foster in a band called Ke-Ju, the band was asked one day if they knew any songs by Sade, it was a request that came as no surprise because Jules was always asked to do Sade songs, but after performing "Is It A Crime" by Sade, they then asked if she could do another Sade song, they didn't care which one because she sounded so close to Sade, and she also had the beauty as well. It was at that point that Jules realized that people would watch and listen to a whole show of Sade songs if they could. This was not a problem for Jules because Sade was one of her favorite artists. Jules has always performed with talented musicians, and it was easy for the band to give the sound needed to make a Sade Tribute happen. Jules has been doing Sade Tributes around the Augusta Georgia area for about a good 10 years now. The show is now incorporating a lot of the elements of an actual Sade show whenever the venue can handle the full show. Today, people are realizing that tho Sade is still performing, a lot of people don't have the opportunity to catch one of her performances, but after seeing a performance of a Jules Sade Tribute, most feel that they have been fulfilled. If you ever have the opportunity, you should make it to one of these shows, you won't be disappointed.

Jules upcoming shows

Double Tree Hotel w/MP4 Augusta Ga. 04/27/2018

Shannons w/Perfect Picture Augusta Ga. 05/04/2018

Southbound Steakhouse Augusta, Ga. w/Perfect Picture 05/05/2018

Fox's Lair Augusta Ga. w/Perfect Picture 05/12/2018

DoubleTree Hotel Augusta, Ga. w/MP4 05/25/2018

Shannons w/Perfect Picture Augusta, Ga. 06/01/2018

Southbound Steakhouse Augusta, Ga. w/Perfect Picture 06/02/2018

Candlelight Jazz Series w/Perfect Picture Augusta, Ga. 06/03/2018

Fox's Lair Augusta Ga. w/Perfect Picture 06/08/2018

Double Tree w/MP4 Augusta Ga. 06/29/2018

Shannons w/Perfect Picture Augusta, Ga. 07/06/2018

Chayz Lounge Columbia S.C. "The Sade Experience" August 11th